At Chewy Louie®, we take finding the right chew for your dog seriously. We identify on the packaging what we believe to be the best chew personality for every treat we sell.

How Do I Know What Chews and Treats are Right for My Dog?

Need to find your dog’s chew style? It’s easy! Picking the best chew for your dog involves three steps.

  1. Identify your dog’s chew personality using the handy quiz below.

  2. Pick a protein your dog comfortably tolerates.

  3. Check to make sure that the size of the treat is larger than your dog’s mouth.

Use this quiz as a starting place to determine where your dog falls on the chew spectrum. Each dog is different, and your pup may not perfectly fit into the traits we outline here.

What happens once you find your dog’s perfect chew? Let’s just say that side effects include happy dogs, full bellies and wagging tails.