Chewy Louie® Bully Sticks are single-ingredient chews made from grass-fed cattle. Each natural chew is made up of 100% beef, a taste your dog can’t help but crave. Chewy Louie Bully Sticks are tough, long-lasting and help to support your pup’s healthy smile.

Free from common canine allergens like corn, soy, and grains, Chewy Louie® Shaped Bully Sticks are a naturally healthy chew for your dog. They’re digestible and come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes including Bully Rings and Bully Braids. If dogs chew through regular bully sticks fairly quickly, offer them a new challenge with a shaped bully stick, like a bully ring or braided bully stick. It’s not just a chew that helps to support their dental health, but also offers them a fun puzzle.

There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients added to Chewy Louie® Shaped Bully Sticks. We just clean and cook them. That's it! Our strict quality standards in our factories ensure the freshest bully sticks go out of our doors for your dog to enjoy. Grab some for your dog today!