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We’re the first name in chews (literally). As a top supplier of natural dog treats and chews in the United States, we believe in manufacturing delicious and nutritious products with integrity. We only sell high-quality and premium products that will keep dogs begging for more!

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Retailer FAQs:

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I’m a Retailer, How Do I Purchase Your Products?
At Chewy Louie®, we're proud to work with retailers and distributors all across the country. Please contact us (using the form above) for a list of current distributors in your area, to inquire about purchasing wholesale products directly from Chewy Louie or call our friendly customer service team to find a distributor near you at 1-800-775-3849.

I am a Distributor, How Do I Purchase Your Products?
We would love to work with you! To get started on this process please contact us at

Do You Have Resources for Retail Partners to Help Set Chewy Louie® Displays?
Send us an email (using the form above) to get a copy of our Chewy Louie Planogram for setting your store! 

I Currently Sell Chewy Louie® Products in My Retail Store. Do You Have a Store Locator? Can I Add My Store?
 If you carry Chewy Louie, fill out the form on this page and we'll add your logo to our locations list. Thanks!

Looking for Chewy Louie® products?
Find Louie in a variety of fine retailers.

Why Does The Packaging Look Different?
Chewy Louie® decided to change our packaging and rebrand because we wanted to best represent our premium products. Times change and our company has evolved. As our customers changed their desires, we've worked hard to listen to them and provide more variety in our natural product options. We truly appreciate the customers who helped us grow our brand over the years and loved our older packaging. We loved it too! However, we felt that our packaging didn’t clearly communicate the benefits of our natural chews, treats and food to new customers finding us for the first time, and so we updated the color scheme of our packaging. We still make the same, great products that we’ve always made—we just have a new look.

Are You a Retailer Wondering About Our Packaging Changes?
Much of what we did with our packaging rebrand was to help you! We standardized the bag sizes for our products to help streamline your display process. All of Chewy Louie®’s bagged chews can be hung, to better suit display needs. We also moved some items to different packaging types for a more consistent brand experience at shelf.

Do you have any other questions? Contact Us for any additional help.